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Seeker is social trip planning, powered by a community of expert travelers.

Say goodbye to reviews and hello to crowd-sourced recommendations.


Seeker Brand Ambassadors are global explorers and captivating storytellers.

If you are well-traveled with a growing audience on social media and/or a website, apply to be part of our exclusive community of expert travelers.

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Program Perks

Early Access

As a Brand Ambassador, you'll have early access to the Seeker platform and beta features.

Profile on Seeker

Your profile on Seeker includes links to your other social channels and website and highlights your travel expertise for the world to see. 

Brand Ambassador Badge

Receive the Ambassador Badge, highlighting your role as a Seeker champion and travel expert. Badges can be shared on your website and anywhere else you promote yourself.

Exclusive Community Benefits

Receive access to our private Slack group and invite-only events to network with other travel experts.

Merch, Merch and More Merch!

By collecting points in Seeker and referring friends to the pre-launch, Ambassadors earn sweet swag and other merchandise from our partners.

Features on Social

Ambassadors have first access to collab opportunities across our social channels and the website.

How it works

Collect Points

Collect points on Seeker by sharing the Places you love. You'll be making Lists, checking-In, competing in challenges and other fun activities.


Evangelize Seeker on social media and refer friends to join the pre-launch with your unique referral code.


Exchange points for sweet swag and travel gear + access to paid opportunities. 


100 Points: Welcome kit 

500 Points: Socks

1000 Points: Tote Bag

1500 Points: Tshirt

2000 Points: Sweatshirt

2500 Points: Fanny pack

and much more!

Plus, monthly drawings for gift cards and cash prizes and first access to brand opportunities with our partners.

As a Brand Ambassador, you will be part of a exclusive community of travel experts. If you are a global explorer and a bold memory maker with a knack for storytelling, join us.

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